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The Beginning of the Missing Peace Cafe

The idea for Missing Peace Cafe was originally inspired by a billboard with a picture of a jigsaw puzzle with a piece taken out and the words "Missing Piece".  I don't remember what the billboard was advertising, but the image stuck in my head.  My mind has this quirky way of twisting words into alternate meanings, and as I pondered this phrase the word "piece" became "peace".  I saw the hole in that jigsaw puzzle and thought of the hole in our heart that can only be filled through a relationship with Jesus.  This piece that was missing was the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.  See, without Jesus in your life, you truly have a missing peace.  This God-sized hole in your heart can only be filled through a personal relationship with Jesus.  This is the message that I want to share through the Missing Peace Cafe.

I prayed about this idea and thought about it for many years.  As God slowly revealed His plan to me, the idea of a Christian coffee shop emerged.  It would be a gathering place for Christians and non-Christian seekers.  We would have lively discussions, pray for each other, share the Gospel message and encourage one another in our walk with the Lord.  This coffee shop would be called the Missing Peace Cafe.

This idea stayed in my head for 5 or 6 years.  Then in the summer of 2016, after the loss of my job, as I pondered and prayed about my future, the idea began to come to life. Through much prayer, God began leading me to develop Missing Peace Cafe, not with an actual building, but as a virtual coffee shop and gift shop.  I began sharing daily Bible verses on Twitter and FaceBook.  My desire is to share the Gospel and grow an online community of believers and seekers.  My hope is still the same, God will be glorified and others will find the Missing Peace that is in Jesus.  I pray that this cafe will still be a gathering place where people feel comfortable to talk about Jesus, share prayer requests, and find answers.  

The merchandise we sell is all meant to encourage and declare Jesus to others.  When others see us wearing Christian messages on our clothing or displaying them in our home, the opportunity exists for sharing the Gospel with them.  Welcome to the Missing Peace Cafe!

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